TORANOTEC Adds PayPal to TORANOKO’s Payment Method

TORANOTEC Adds PayPal to TORANOKO’s Payment Method

〜 Allowing further cost effective use of TORANOKO to users 〜

TORANOTEC Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Justin Balogh, hereafter: “TORANOTEC”), a financial technology asset management company and mobile application developer, is pleased to announce that PayPal, a global online payment service platform, is now available as a payment method for “TORANOKO” (provided by TORANOTEC through a wholly owned subsidiary).

Starting today, users will be able to fund new investments in and withdraw investment amounts from the TORANOKO investment app through PayPal, creating a seamless coordination between asset management services and payments.


TORANOKO is an asset management service that offers effortless and enjoyable access to full-fledged global diversified investment, regardless of the user’s investment experience. With functionality and partnerships that are closely related to the transactions and consumption of daily life, such as the ability to invest small increments, points and miles, as well as a more regular larger amounts of steady investments, it is a service that naturally allows customers to engage in asset formation and build future wealth. Also included is a unique points reward system where users can accumulate and invest rewards through actions as simple as walking.

PayPal, which has been a leader in the global digital payment field for more than 20 years, uses technology to provide payment services that make financial services and payment transactions more convenient and accessible.


<Details of the Service Collaboration>

From May 30, 2022, TORANOKO users will be able to use a PayPal account as the funding account for the investment service. Users who complete this setting and link their TORANOKO account with PayPal to make investments will receive a monthly bonus of 100-yen worth of TORANOKO points, which can be used for investing within TORANOKO at 1 yen per point.

Additionally, as a campaign for newcomers to the TORANOKO app, by opening a new account through the PayPal-specific landing page and completing all the required settings including selecting PayPal as the funding account*, new users will receive 2,000-yen worth of TORANOKO points.

Please see the following website for details:  (Japanese only)

* Users are required to register a bank account within their PayPal wallet.


Justin Balogh, President and CEO of TORANOTEC Co., Ltd., said:

“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with PayPal, one of the world’s leading financial service companies as an example of how investment management can form strong partnerships with leading payments solutions with the goal of embedding the investment experience into the transactional cycle of everyday life. We believe that this collaboration will further widen the access point and gateway to the world of investment for more people in the Japanese market. We continue to work towards building a culture of long-term investment and aim for the realization of a world where everyone can be an investor.


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About the asset management service “TORANOKO”

“TORANOKO” is provided by TORANOTEC Asset Management Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of TORANOTEC Ltd. It is an investment app that allows for easy investment ranging from small increments of change, points and miles through to larger amounts of investments. Users can make a wide range of international diversified investments by simply selecting one of three offered mutual funds. The app is also embedded with various services and rewards functionalities that make investment fun allowing users to earn TORANOKO points, which are the investment funds. Customers from all ranges of experience can easily participate in long-term asset formation in a fun way. Official Site:  (Japanese only)