Small Change Investment App “TORANOKO” Launches “nanaco Point Investment”

Small Change Investment App “TORANOKO” Launches “nanaco Point Investment”
〜Uniting shopping and asset management by enabling investing from 5 points in 1 point increments〜

Seven Card Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Seven Card Services”), a subsidiary of Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., and Japanese fintech wealth creation service provider, TORANOTEC Ltd. (hereinafter “TORANOTEC”) announced today the launch of nanaco point investing service from November 14, 2019. The launch of the new service furthers the collaboration between nanaco, the electronic money service operated by Seven Card Services and TORANOKO, the small change investment app provided by TORANOTEC through its asset management subsidiary. By enabling the investment of points which nanaco users have accumulated through their daily purchases, the two firms are bringing easier access to investing, dramatically narrowing the distance between shopping and wealth creation.

nanaco Point Investment Service
• The number of outstanding nanaco points will automatically appear on TORANOKO app by just registering nanaco ID once. nanaco users will be able to invest the nanaco points they hold easily from 5 points at 1 yen per 1 point. (The nanaco points to be invested will be automatically converted to TORANOKO points before they are invested.)
• The maximum investment that can be made in one go is 99,999 points.

nanaco Point Investment Campaign
Celebrating this launch, new users of TORANOKO who open an account from the designated nanaco point investment web page and invest more than 5 points will receive 3,000 nanaco points. Please see the website for more details. only)

The monthly 20 nanaco points gift to users who have linked nanaco with their TORANOKO account will also continue.

Announcing this launch, the representatives of Seven Card Services and TORANOTEC commented as follows:

Tatsuya Mizuochi, President & Representative Director of Seven Card Service Co., Ltd. said: “We are delighted to be able to offer the new “nanaco point investment” service to our 67.4 million nanaco members through the collaboration with TORANOKO. We will continue to not only provide safe and convenient electronic money, but also enhance customer satisfaction by providing our users with great value in their daily purchases through our point related services.”

Justin Balogh, President & CEO of TORANOTEC Ltd. said: “Enabling easy investment of points accumulated through using the convenient electronic money nanaco is a realization of our vision to embed asset management in people’s daily life and transactions. We are delighted that nanaco users are now able to invest their points through the TORANOKO App. TORANOTEC will continue to develop attractive embedded services that relate to people’s daily lives, so that everyone can enjoy using TORANOKO as a convenient and user-friendly wealth creation tool.”

About nanaco
nanaco is a convenient and great-value electronic money that allows users to make swift payments without the hassle of handling small change and accumulate loyalty points with each purchase. It can be used at more than 500,000 stores in Japan, including Seven-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, Sogo / Seibu, and Denny’s, and is used by more than 67.4 million members. (As of September 2019) Details of nanaco can be found here: only)

TORANOKO is a unique investing app provided by TORANOTEC Asset Management Co., Ltd., offering a link between the world of daily consumptions and the world of wealth creation. Sourcing the transactions data of everyday life and in creating a gateway through which small change and loyalty points can be invested from 5 yen in 1-yen increments, TORANOTEC offers the easiest possible entry point to begin investing, expanding the access point to wealth creation and investing for Japanese consumers. Details of TORANOKO can be found here: (Japanese only)


Note: This is a translation of the joint press release issued in Japanese by Seven Card Services and TORANOTEC on November 14, 2019.